Welcome to Merrill Elementary School, 

I am excited to be a part of your child's journey in education. Education and learning have been a passion for me and I continue to look forward to learning new things each day. I strongly believe that all children can learn and educators need to instill passion and engage students daily. At Merrill we take pride in creating engaging lessons and instilling lifelong learning skills for all students. Technology is a hub at Merrill that we embrace by using a variety of technology within classrooms. Computers, iPads, SMART Boards and visualizers are used to enhance learning opportunities.

Parent Involvement and open communication are strong pillars to student success. I encourage you to become active within our school community through  Conferences and Family Nights.

The Merrill community embodies four basic beliefs: be safe, be kind, be responsible, be respectful. We not only prepare students for daily school activities but skills for the future. We help students learn the difference between expected versus unexpected behaviors and provide learning opportunities to practice caring, compassion and empathy;

Merrill Elementary School is a wonderful place to learn and grow. Please stop in anytime to see the great things happening.


Sarah Poquette